Encouraging Cycling in the UK 10th September 2014


According to statistics from CTC, the national cycling charity over 43% of the population say they own or have access to a bicycle, however only 8% cycle 3 or more times a week. The government are keen to promote cycling as a mainstream form of travel for all, and we have seen significant advances in places such as London to change infrastructure to make cycling more appealing and safer. However, more must be done to keep the cycle revolution moving in the right direction. With this key issue in mind Policy Knowledge are delighted to present our briefing on Cycling in Britain, a forum for discussion and debate on the key issues affecting cyclists in the UK and what more must be done to persuade people to cycle as their main mode of transportation.

This event will discuss key issues including:

  • Increasing the number of people who cycle regularly in Britain
  • Making it safer and easier for people to travel by bike
  • The environmental and health benefits of cycling
  • Changing attitudes to cycling
  • Changing our infrastructure to make cycling a more mainstream activity
  • Encouraging children to cycle from an early age to create a habit for life
  • The benefits of the government’s Cycle City Ambition Grant